Appleton Sportsfield


Sportsfield - Five Acres of Bliss!


The Sportsfield is owned by the Appleton with Eaton Parish Council and is for use by all in the Parish. It is managed by the Leisure & Recreation sub-committee of the Parish Council, whose chairman is John Adams, ably assisted by a number of volunteers who carry out the day to day management of the facility. The Pavilion, with a kitchen, two changing rooms and a substantial hall, meets all the current health and safety regulations and the facility – the grounds and the pavilion – is available for hire. Football and cricket is played at the Sportsfield and there is a good quality cricket square and full sized and junior football pitches. Do please get to use the Sportsfield either formally or informally. It is there for the use of all villagers!




The rates are below and a formal contract will be generated and will need to be signed by the hirer and the payment settled before use. Football and Cricket clubs hiring the field are responsible for the care of their pitches and as such the rate is via negotiation with the Leisure and Recreation Committee, depending upon need and frequency of use.


Contact by email: Neil Woodley -



Other Charges:


For Hire by residents of Appleton and Eaton Parish:


The Pavilion- £5/hour up to a maximum fee of £40.


The Field and Pavilion- £10/hour up to a maximum of £80 per day or £150 for a weekend (Friday eve until Monday am).


For Hire by Non-residents of Appleton and Eaton Parish:


The Pavilion- £10/hour up to a maximum fee of £70.


The Field and Pavilion- £15/hour up to a maximum of £100 per day or £180 for the weekend (Friday eve until Monday am)*


*a deposit of £100 is payable for evening or overnight bookings.


Charities and Village clubs/groups:


Discounted Rates can be negotiated





Postal Code Reference: OX13 5QW


From the centre of Appleton Village, take the Netherton Road—towards Netherton and Fyfield (Swindon direction!), pass the de-limit signs (and the end of the footpath) and another 200 metres on left you will see the sign for Field Farm and then the sign for the Appleton Sportsfield. Take the access road to the Sportsfield, take sharp right bend and Sportsfield is ahead. Please park within the Car Park area as the area just outside the car park is used for large vehicles accessing the Thames Water Sewage works to swing around the corner. The Car Park can accommodate about 40 vehicles. Please drive carefully along the public service access road: farm vehicles, walkers, cyclists and dogs often use this road …


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