Lock Access Group

Towards the end of November, a meeting was held in the Plough to discuss access to the river via the road way that leads from Badswell Lane. Following this meeting, a group  was formed with a view to opening a dialogue with A H Cornish.

The group is called the Lock Access Group (LAG) and we have met once since the meeting in the Plough.  Following this first meeting, we have spoken with A H Cornish and we hope to meet with them in the new year when things are less busy for everyone concerned.

We attended the Parish Council Meeting on 12th December to keep them updated of the above.

Th group email address  is below:
Anyone wishing to contact the group can do so by email via lockroad17@gmail.com . This will be checked regularly but not daily.

Joint chairs of LAG are Claire Salmon and Ros Uren.