Important information about electricity


A letter from Scottish Southern Energy



“I have checked to identify the date that your local lines were last inspected within the Appleton area to ensure we are doing all we can to minimise interrupted to you are Appleton. I can confirm this was in 2011. The lines are next to be inspected this year as we commit to doing this every 5 years.


“We have identified a need for tree cutting within the Appleton, Netherton, Tubney, Besselsleigh and Eaton area.  The first phase of tree cutting with a planned shutdown of power will be in Appleton.  We are looking to generate the school and local businesses for the day so that there is very limited interruption.  Of course we will carry this work out as quickly and safely as possible.  This shutdown is planned to take place on either Wednesday 20th or Thursday 21st January. We are just in the process of putting out communication together and this will be delivered either Wednesday or Thursday this week. We have also identified a loose pole found at Netherton recently.  This will be rectified during the forthcoming tree cutting shut downs and again will help to minimise power interruption.


“The next phase of planned works after Appleton will be Netherton and Tubney, however at this stage I cannot confirm dates. Moving towards the summer time we also have planned works for Besselsleigh and Eaton. Once I have these dates I can share this with you.


“The recent fault history and our analysis indicated the trees, along with birds and wildlife are the main causes of the power outages as we discussed. The tree cutting will help in stabilising supplies and minimise the amount of interruptions you experience.”


Thanks to Graham Rose who received the letter and kindly forwarded to us.