Businesses in Appleton


Register of businesses and skills in Appleton with Eaton

Below is a list of local businesses and resources based in the parish of Appleton with Eaton. Please note that this is not a platform for general advertising but more an encouragement to use community resources wherever possible.

If you would like to be included on this list please email me here.

Kayhan Yalci
(updated 17-September-2015)




Buck, Andy

IT Services (Businesses/Education)

20 Town Furlong
07827 925640


Boulton, John


74 Eaton Road

Appleton, OX135JJ

Tel: Ox 863473 or 078765 65107

Restorative Practices Training and Conflict Management


Carter, Paul

Building Svcs, decorating, electricians

W G Carter Ltd, 81A Eaton Road, Appleton, OX13 5JJ Tel: 864626

Building Contractor


Davidson, Tian

Accounts, Tax, Business advice

KTD (Consultancy) Ltd,
24 Eaton,  OX13 5PR

Tel: 864578

Transparent with 'no frills' service for individuals, sole traders, partnerships, and companies.


Ford, Amanda

Dance & Fitness Classes

Amanda Ford. Oaksmere. Tel: 861927


Gannon, Paul

Vehicle maintenance (mobile)

40A Eaton Road, Appleton, OX13 5JH
07717 742555

servicing, repairs,
MOT preparation etc


Glebe Cottage Pig Roasts


Milly Lay, Glebe Cottage, 50
Netherton, Nr Fyfield. Tel: 07737583229/01865390759

Catering for private parties/functions
and fetes


Holloway, Gary

Kitchen designing & fitting

Crawleigh, Oaksmere, OX13 5PP
Tel: 865836 or 07802 754214




Rennie, Lee
Tel: 0845 833 2321

Golf improvement & tracking website with online shop


Oxford Food Company, The


Tyack, Richard
61a Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HJ
Tel: 318974

Lives in Eaton Road



Studio, sound

Martin, Bernard
Tel: 862310

Location Sound Recording


Prickett, Richard 

Fish Farming

RSP Services Ltd, 120 Netherton Road,
Appleton, OX13 5LA


Rose, Graham

Public Relations

Jigsaw Consulting Services
Thistledown,Park Lane, Appleton OX13 5JT

Tel: 596760/ 07554 433160

Communications, recruitment & training


Smart, Pippa


PSP Consulting, 3 Park Lane, Appleton, OX13 5JT 

Tel: 864255


Thorpe, Graham

Painting, decorating, plastering

Southby Close



Thresher, Tony

Boat builder

93 Eaton Road, Appleton, OX13 5JJ
Tel: 863595 or 07729104117



Web designer, communications

Rennie, Lee
Tel: 0845 833 2321

Web, graphic & media design


Trinder, Alison

Personal effectiveness trainer & coach

72 Eaton Road, OX13 5JJ
Tel: 862909 / 07527 238663

Supporting personal and
professional learning and development


Wade, Harry B


Harry B Wade Photography

Professional wedding, event
and portrait photography

Walshaw, Mike

Property management

Willow Place, Eaton Road,
Appleton,  OX13 5JH.


Withers, Nick

Publishing, Graphic design

Nick Withers Design
Tel: 862268


Withers, Sara

Jewellery designer

Tel: 862268

Gill Woodley

The Different Dog

Helping you to change your dogs behaviour from their perspective