Broadband in the Parish

How to get the service


If you live in or have recently moved to Appleton or Eaton (Oxfordshire!) you can find out about how to sign up for the Gigaclear service go to Gigaclear website. The good news is that every property in Appleton and Eaton, whether or not signed up already, has a fibre box on the edge of the property enabling a straight forward connection to Ultrafsat Gigaclear Broadband - with speeds of up to about 900Mbps (desktop PC and wired to the router) for £38.80 a month!


Then look at Vonage website for the Voice over Internet telephony and save ££££££££££s!


Fed up with premium phone number?


Landline alternatives for 0500, 0800, 0808, 0842, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872 and 0873 numbers: see Say NO to premium phone numbers.


21st April 2014: Appleton is mentioned in feature article in the Oxford Mail about Broadband in the county.


February 2014 Matthew Hare is profiled in the Oxford Mail and Appleton and Eaton mentioned see Matthew Hare Oxford Mail Profile

Broadband availability in Appleton, Eaton and Besselsleigh


When you move to Appleton, Eaton or Besselsleigh, you are fortunate enough to have one of the best broadband networks in the country from Gigaclear installed here. With a  pure fibre connection at every property, you are guaranteed a fast and reliable broadband service, as well as a high quality, lower cost phone service.


Key Benefits are:


Speed and Reliability;

Gigaclear broadband is delivered over a new, all fibre network with an individual fibre to each property eliminating the old copper networks reliability and speed problems


Power to Your Household;

Gigaclear pure fibre broadband is unlimited, fast and symmetric. Work, play, entertain and communicate at light speed, as much as you like, with everyone in your property able to do so at the same time!


Save Money;

With faster more reliable broadband, NO line rental and lower call charges you can do more from your own home. Work or run your business from home, reduce your commuting and travelling. AND get to enjoy the millions of free to air online films, tv shows, CD’s and radio stations.


ONLY £43/month for UNLIMITED Faster Broadband and Calls;

Pure fibre broadband at £37/month plus telephone at just £6/month, why bother trying to guess what speeds and what costs you will end up with using broadband from the phone line?


How do I get it?

You can check here for availability and to place an order. If not already installed in the property, Gigaclear's installers will come and install for you from £85, or you can do it yourself with their ‘self-install’ kit for free. More than 1/3 of their customers have already installed fibre broadband themselves – if you can put up shelves you should have no problems.


What does it cost?


All prices are online here for home use and here for business use. There is a one-time £100 connection fee for new installations (or a £50 reconnection fee where the service is already installed) and the installation cost of around £85 if the service is not already installed within the property.


Where do I find out more?

Check Gigaclear out here or call them on 01865 591100, a local company Gigaclear can deliver local service and support when needed.


What about telephone services?

Gigaclear works with a telephony provider called Vonage.   They provide a telephone service over the fibre broadband line, the calls are cheaper, there is no line rental and you do not pay a call set up fee per call outside of your call plan, as you do with any of the landline providers.  You use a normal handset and you can have the existing landline number or any available number, even non local numbers.   Call the Vonage Gigaclear call centre free on 0808-1789620 to get set up, when you tell them you are a Gigaclear customer they will waive the £9.99 connection fee.