Allotments in Appleton and Eaton


There are two sets of allotments within the parish boundaries. These are located on the right side of Netherton Road, heading out of Appleton, Grid reference 438018 and near the junction of the road to Eaton, on the left just before the sharp right hand bend, Grid reference 452031. The land is owned by St. John’s College and managed on their behalf by Savilles. Their local representative is Kevin Horne [07971 769989] who deals with the letting of plots and the annual collection of rents. Rents vary due to the different sizes of plots but are still under £20 per year.


There are currently no plots available on the Netherton road site but there are some at Eaton. Those that are available are heavily overgrown with brambles and will require some committed work before cultivation can begin.


The soil on both plots is a sandy loam, wonderful stuff, which at Eaton is underlain by clay. Like all productive soils, it does need feeding if its fertility is to be maintained over any length of time. There is the usual crop of perennial weeds to be dealt with but they are all containable even when eradication is not possible [Marestails]. By far the greatest problem facing plot holders is the wildlife: deer are probably the most destructive but pigeons are not far behind. Rabbits, pheasants, partridge, hares and moles add to the destructive mix. The reality is that if you are not to be disheartened by wanton destruction of your wonderful produce, you need to fence and net your vulnerable crops.


If you are interested in getting your hands dirty, go and talk to a plot holder when you see someone. They are usually glad of a break and who doesn’t enjoy discussing the size of last year’s leeks!