Coronavirus Appleton Besselsleigh Eaton Support Working Group


The Coronavirus Appleton, Besselsleigh, Eaton Support Working Group is aware what a worrying time this is for families who are not able to visit their relatives, particularly perhaps elderly family members. 

If  you have a family member in one of our villages who you are worried about please do get in touch with their name and contact details and we will make sure that someone contacts them. 


Also, do feel free to get in touch if you need support of any kind.

Please e-mail one of the following:


Appleton with Eaton Parish Council


Besselsleigh Parish Meeting


St Lawrence Church Warden

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Covid-19:  Update for week ending 3/4/2020


Useful contacts:

Vale of White Horse District Council

01235 422 600

The District Council has set up a telephone-based support service to help vulnerable and isolated residents who need help with shopping, collecting medical supplies, and other day to day tasks. This service is there for anyone who doesn’t have friends or family around to help and is for anybody who hasn’t been identified by the NHS as high-risk. To contact our service call 01235 422600 or email

Operating hours - phone lines are open:

  • 8.30am to 8pm Monday to Friday

  • 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday


South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils are putting a range of measures in place to help people who are being affected financially by the Coronavirus pandemic, including support for individuals and for businesses.


Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)

OCC has a support line service for vulnerable high-risk residents who have been advised to stay at home for 12 weeks. Anybody in this situation who has nobody around to help should call 01865 897 820 or email for support.



Operating hours - phone lines are open:

  • 8.30am to 8pm Monday to Friday

  • 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday


Waste collection

The advice for resident is as follows:  if the bins on your street are not emptied, please leave them out for up to three days (including weekends) and the waste team will try to catch up. If they are still not emptied, please bring them back in and the waste team will empty them on the next planned collection day.


Collection of kerbside small electricals and textiles recycling has been suspended.  The waste team is asking residents to keep these items until the service has resumed and making it very clear that they must NOT go in the general rubbish or recycling bins because of the fire risk to waste collection trucks.


Car parking charges suspended


We have suspended all parking charges in our council run car parks across South and Vale until 1 June. 


Hardship fund for people on Council Tax Reduction

The government has confirmed details of a £500million hardship fund.  Under this scheme, people in receipt of Council Tax Reduction will receive a minimum of £150 off their council tax bill for 2020/2021, unless their bill is less than £150, in which case their bill will be reduced to zero. This is in addition to any support they already receive.  

The councils are now working to confirm the amount each individual qualifying household will receive off their bill – as soon as this is complete, revised bills will be issued.

Council tax payments

Where possible, people should continue to pay their bills as normal.  If someone is genuinely having difficulty paying their council tax, they should contact our council tax team on:

Vale residents - / 0345 302 2315

People who are currently not being paid, and are struggling to pay their bill, are encouraged to apply for Council Tax Reduction – their account will then be put on hold for 30 days while their application is processed.

To apply for Council Tax Reduction please visit

For more information about support and advice for individuals please visit

Advice and support for businesses

The councils are prioritising awarding the extensions to retail rate relief to existing accounts and working to identify eligible ratepayers.  Work has also taken place to identify and collate the necessary information to allow the councils to pay Small Business and Retail Grants.


Letters have gone out to ratepayers who we believe qualify.  To claim a grant, businesses should complete the required form which can be found at:

Payments will begin to be processed from week commencing 6 April. 

Those that can pay their bills should do so as normal, however those businesses who are genuinely having difficulty paying their business rates should contact our business rates team via:


The South & Vale Business Support team publishes the latest government advice and support on and via twitter (@TeamSVBS), including about rates relief and business support grants.  Business can also sign up to receive an e-newsletter via the website.


The website also lists the latest job vacancies for individuals seeking temporary employment, exercises to stay healthy while working from home, and links to mental health organisations.


The government has advised those who are self-employed who are in urgent need of financial assistance to apply for Universal Credit and Council Tax Reduction.  This will provide them with support until a grant for the self-employed becomes available in June.

Parish hardship due to Covid 19


THE APPLETON TRUST has received a small grant from Appleton with Eaton Parish Council specifically to help anyone in need during the Covid19 lockdown period who lives in Appleton, Eaton or Besslesleigh.


This is to provide some support to those families who would usually receive free school meals and those in immediate hardship with no other means of support.


Please apply to David Dymock

Clerk to Appleton Trust


St Laurence Church

It was with much regret that, following guidance from the Church of England and in the interests of community safety and protection, we have had to close our church.


Although our church family may not be able to worship in the ways we are used to, we will respond and serve in practical ways and find new ways to worship and pray together. I have just been advised that the closure will continue until at least the end of June and that may be extended further.

We will keep you informed of any developments. Wishing you all to keep safe and well, with love and prayers.


Roger Mitty


The Parish Council urge all residents to follow new UK Government guidelines with respect to keeping yourselves and others safe from COVID-19. Details can be found through the following link:


If there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk.

The Comet Minibus



The Comet Minibuses have been cancelled from Thursday 19 March


The minibuses will restart as soon as it is safe to do so.


Communication from South and Vale

Shielding our Most Vulnerable

Our most vulnerable residents across Oxfordshire will have recently received correspondence from the NHS, identifying them as high risk and advising them to strictly self-isolate for 12 weeks.


We know this long term restriction may cause additional concerns for those without any nearby support and we want to make sure any shielded resident, who doesn’t know where to turn, are not handling these additional worries alone.


Local authorities across Oxfordshire have worked with the local Voluntary and Community Sector, to develop a simple point of contact for those who have been told by government that they have been identified as extremely vulnerable, and who have no support network and would otherwise be completely isolated.


This new, dedicated line will provide our extremely vulnerable residents access to a central team who will be able to offer advice on a range of issues and will be operational from 8:30am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday, and 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday. 


If you or someone you know has been identified as extremely vulnerable by the NHS and have no support network, please contact the dedicated team on 01865 89 78 20 or email If you live in Oxford City, you can also phone 01865 24 98 11 between 8:00am and 5:00pm or visit

Neighbourhood Plan Update

As you may be aware from previous communications, the Steering Group had been analysing the responses from the pre-consultation phase. 


The Group is delighted to have received so many constructive comments. The analysis of comments has taken a fair amount of time as there were nearly 400 comments to analyse from 84 responders and statutory consultation bodies.


The Group is now in the process of addressing the comments for the next phase of the Plan, which is the Consultation Phase.  The Group feels this analysis is so important as taking all of your comments into account will help ensure the Plan is your Plan and reflects your views as a community.  

The Group will continue to provide you with updates as we near the next phase, which will be in the relatively near future.

Have your say on Vale of White Horse District Council’s consultation procedures for planning matters


Vale of White Horse District Council is committed to working in a clear and transparent way and is keen to assist anyone who may wish to get involved in the planning process. 

The council is inviting people to make comments on a draft Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) on how it gathers feedback from the public, businesses and other organisations on its planning consultations. 


The SCI forms part of the council’s official Development Plan and sets out how communities will be able to influence new planning policy documents such as the Local Plan. It also sets out the ways in which the public can comment on planning applications for development.


Cllr Catherine Webber, Cabinet Member for Planning at the Vale, said: “It’s a fundamental part of all our planning processes that the public are able to get involved. Our Statement of Community Involvement sets out our commitment to involving our communities in developing new planning policies, and in making decisions on planning applications, and so it’s really important we get public feedback now to make sure we’re doing it right.”


The consultation will run from Thursday 27 February 2020 until 5pm on Thursday 9 April 2020.


For more information and to find out how to respond, please visit the council website at:

See the Gardening Club programme for 2019-20  here

OX13 Youth Club

Are you in Year 8 or above and under 18?

Are you looking for a place to hang out with friends listening to music, baking something delicious or perhaps playing pool, table tennis, or table football? Please click here to learn how to join the OX13 club

Update on Harts Footbridge






Notice of Temporary Traffic Order

Northmoor, Appleton Footpath Closure No.313/9/10

Date of Order: 24 February 2020

Coming into force: 2 March 2020


This Order is being introduced because of river Thames bridge inspection and remedial works which are anticipated to be completed on 31 March 2020


The effect of the Order is to close temporarily footpath No.313/9/10 over Harts Bridge 313/140 between Appleton and Newbridge


Exemptions are included for police, fire and ambulance services and for the works and for pedestrian access to premises which are only accessible from the closed section of footpath.


Appropriate signs will be displayed to indicate when the measures are in force.  There is no official diversion route.


This Order will remain in force for a maximum period of 6 months or until the works have been completed whichever is the sooner.


For the closure plan click here.

For the work site plan click here.

Flood Group

Flood Protection in Appleton and Eaton


Back in 2007 following the July floods when Appleton and Eaton were significantly affected, a group of villagers volunteered to help as wardens in the event of future flood emergency.  Contact telephone details are shown below and on the village notice board.

Over 40 households were affected, some more severely than others. In particularly susceptible areas of the village drainage improvement work has taken place, and following remedial ground works, new pipes and general ditch clearance the risk to these areas is much lower.  However there is always the chance of flash floods particularly after a prolonged hot dry spell and villagers are reminded that the following equipment which is stored in the centre of the village is available for use in an emergency:

Four pumps, two petrol driven, two electrical, three 100m reels of hose, one aqua vac for shallow surface water on carpets.  The wardens have access to and know how to operate the pumps.

 There is also a reserve supply of aquasacs in addition to those distributed to households affected in 2007.  These are dry storage sacs which swell when in contact with water, forming an effective barrier and much easier to handle than sand bags.  Newcomers to the village who are aware of previous flood risk to their property are advised to check they have their own supply of aquasacs.  If anyone needs a pack please get in touch with Sanchia  Prickett and this can be arranged.  They are free of charge, take up very little room and only require a dry shelf area.

Centre village and Oaksmere

Nick Hester   07759230966

Adrian Willett Oxford  864691  Mob 07786260765

Robin Band  Oxford  864794  Mob 0787774111

Adrian Carey   Oxford 864973   Mob 07717851831 *

Eaton road

Andy White  Evening  863632

Badswell Lane

Richard Snow Oxford 861703   Mob 07827293429

Netherton Road

Richard and Sanchia Prickett   Oxford 863168   Mob 07732924026 *

Eaton Village   Nicki Clarke  Mob  07811922198

For access to the store of Aquasacs contact those asterisked, or Robert Munro on 861791

For information from

Vale of White Horse District Council on EU nationals living in the UK, please click here.

If you go down the woods today -

July 2018

Provided by Alex White


If you go down to the woods today look out for the large numbers of Silver-washed fritillary butterflies. These huge orange butterflies gather over bracken and brambles.

There are also plenty of Whites, Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers to be seen.

If you are extremely lucky you may even spot a White admiral or a Purple Emperor.


Please click here to watch a training video on how to use the defibrillator in our village (located in the porch at the village hall.)

Click on each individual event to see more details