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The Appleton Christmas Barn is now open!

To enter a competition to win a

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Harts Footbridge

There wil be some refurbishment of the bridge components. Please prepare for significant disruption between 6 January 2020 and 31 March 2020.

During this period it may not be possible to pass under the bridge.

Neighbourhood Plan


Pre-submission Consultation Phase has now closed. 

Thank you to all who have responded.

We will keep you informed as to the next steps.


Flood Group

Flood Protection in Appleton and Eaton


Back in 2007 following the July floods when Appleton and Eaton were significantly affected, a group of villagers volunteered to help as wardens in the event of future flood emergency.  Contact telephone details are shown below and on the village notice board.

Over 40 households were affected, some more severely than others. In particularly susceptible areas of the village drainage improvement work has taken place, and following remedial ground works, new pipes and general ditch clearance the risk to these areas is much lower.  However there is always the chance of flash floods particularly after a prolonged hot dry spell and villagers are reminded that the following equipment which is stored in the centre of the village is available for use in an emergency:

Four pumps, two petrol driven, two electrical, three 100m reels of hose, one aqua vac for shallow surface water on carpets.  The wardens have access to and know how to operate the pumps.

 There is also a reserve supply of aquasacs in addition to those distributed to households affected in 2007.  These are dry storage sacs which swell when in contact with water, forming an effective barrier and much easier to handle than sand bags.  Newcomers to the village who are aware of previous flood risk to their property are advised to check they have their own supply of aquasacs.  If anyone needs a pack please get in touch with Sanchia  Prickett and this can be arranged.  They are free of charge, take up very little room and only require a dry shelf area.

 Warden contact details:

Centre village and Oaksmere

Nick Hester 07759230966

Adrian Willett 07786260765

Adrian Carey  07717851831

Robin Band  01865 864794

Eaton Road    

Andy White 01865 863632

Badswell  Lane    

Richard Snow 07827293429

Netherton Road   

Richard and Sanchia Prickett 01865 863168  07732924026

James Mansfield  07872693932

See the Gardening Club programme for 2019-20  here

OX13 Youth Club

Are you in Year 8 or above and under 18?

Are you looking for a place to hang out with friends listening to music, baking something delicious or perhaps playing pool, table tennis, or table football? Please click here to learn how to join the OX13 club

If you go down the woods today -

July 2018

Provided by Alex White


If you go down to the woods today look out for the large numbers of Silver-washed fritillary butterflies. These huge orange butterflies gather over bracken and brambles.

There are also plenty of Whites, Ringlets, Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers to be seen.

If you are extremely lucky you may even spot a White admiral or a Purple Emperor.


Please click here to watch a training video on how to use the defibrillator in our village (located in the porch at the village hall.)

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